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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Client Testimonials

Here's What Clients Think of Us

The bottom line of any marketing service is: What results does it provide?  The press release dated June 8, 2010, ARM Companies Realize "4,000% ROI by Outsourcing," describes how we have been able to deliver a 4,000% return on investment to clients in aggregate who have used us for bid writing since 2003.

Additionally, here are some anecdotal comments from people who have used us for bid writing.

  • “Folks, this bid looks INCREDIBLE. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. GREAT JOB EVERY ONE!! … This project was EXPEDITED and still the outcome is INCREDIBLE!” CEO, Mid-sized Outsourcing Company
  • “We did not get the business, but they did say, we were the ONLY company to fully and correctly complete the RFP. Great job!” COO, Financial Services Company
  • “Thank you for everything you've done. I really appreciate the hard work and stellar effort you put into writing this proposal for us. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on this!!” Vice President, Small Outsourcing Company
  • “GREAT NEWS, [Buyer] has invited us back to do an oral presentation Friday the 6th. I was just reviewing the proposal and what a great document it is. Both in look and content. This is a very exciting possibility for us. Thank you for your work, professional ways and suggestions. I am convinced that our RFP stood out as being a different and unique based on the … approach you suggested.” President, Mid-Sized Company
  • “Just wanted to drop you a short note to again thank you for the work you and your team did on the … proposal. Due to your assistance, [Buyer] is coming for a site visit…It appears we have a legitimate shot at getting the business!” Vice President of Sales, Small Outsourcing Company
  • “My proposal is now everything you told me it would be ... thx for your efforts!” President, Small Outsourcing Company
  • “I have always been pleased with both the services provided by Net Gain Marketing, and with their responsiveness to our needs. Net Gain Marketing has been highly effective in helping us grow, and in expanding our ability to communicate the right message to potential clients through the RFP process.” Managing Partner, Mid-Sized Company
  • "We were selected as a finalist for the RFP.  We present to them on Tuesday of next week.  Fingers crossed!!! Thank you and your team for helping us to be selected as a finalist!  I’ll keep you posted!"  Vice President of Business Development, Small Company