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Thursday, October 18, 2018


GSA Consulting

Get Prequalified for Federal Contracts

To pursue certain Federal contracts, you must first contract with the General Services Administration (GSA). Without our help, the process of securing your GSA contract will cost you months and months of frustrating research, countless hours back and forth on the phone with GSA, and headache after headache as you try to guess what GSA wants and why it wants it. With our help, you will submit your proposal to GSA in about a month with little or no need for revisions and minus the never-ending back-and-forth with GSA. And we'll explain everything to you along the way in a manner that makes sense without all the jargon. We'll even tell you how to set your GSA prices so you maximize your opportunities over the term of the contract.

Do not make the mistake of hiring a GSA consulting company that is not specifically versed in the nuances of the specific services you are offering to the government! Contact us today to learn how many GSA contractors have hired us to help them get on schedule.